Is monero impacted by the BLAKE’s (SHA-3 finalist) cmwhere passing 0 bytes, instead of being a no-op, resets the internal state, yielding the base hash

int main(void) { int j; uint8_t out[32]; const uint8_t msg[16] = {0};

state256 S; blake256_init( &S ); blake256_update( &S, msg, sizeof(msg) ); /* Uncomment this line to get hash 716f6e863f744b9ac22c97ec7b76ea5f5908bc5b2f67c61510bfc4751384ea7a */ //blake256_update( &S, NULL, 0 ); blake256_final( &S, out ); for( j = 0; j < 32; ++j ) printf( "%02x", out[j] ); printf("n"); return 0; 


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