Please be vigilant: there is an enormous influx of FUD-spreading accounts in this sub recently.

I'm sure you have noticed the sudden but dramatic increase of comments a la "Bitcoin is too slow" or "Bitcoin is too volatile" or "Bitcoin is to tax fraud" and so on and so on.

I've been in this sub for almost a decade now and I can tell you that this recent influx of bad-faith commenters is new. Usually, this sub would help everyone find answers to the FUD discussed above. Noobs would ask naive questions, someone more experienced would break it down for them. Again, and again, and again. This is what this sub is for.

Now, I understand that the OG's don't necessarily have the time to respond to all the FUD every time over and over. But I assure you, there has been never a more important time in Bitcoin's history to defend what Bitcoin stands for (openness, decentralization, censorship resistance, …) and to explain its immutable properties to the public and the media.

This post is a warning for you to be more vigilant and to understand that most, of not all of these issues have been addressed and that they are not the problems that will break Bitcoin.

You have to know that, either through organic growth or through outright concerted manipulation, noobs in this sub appear a lot more hostile towards Bitcoin than they've ever been. I wonder why the fuck they joined this place if all they do is to repeat the same FUD without ever listening to anyone's thoughts on it. It's just an observation. Be wary and be prepared to address these issues yourself. Call out the trolls. Vote them into oblivion. Put yourself into the shoes of a noob.

You are Bitcoin. It is our responsibility to control the narrative.

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