We’re selling Product keys from Cryptomator + ProxyStore Update

Dear friends of Monero,


1) We offer digital goods for Cryptomator (new), Mullvad VPN and Tutanota that can be purchased with Monero, Bitcoin and cash. More are available soon. https://digitalgoods.proxysto.re + http://digitazyyxyihwwzudp5syxxyn3qhcd63wqcha2dxpfqiyydmrgdiaad.onion

2) We offer a data-saving order serivce that allows you to order freely available physical products through us and pay with Monero, Bitcoin and cash. Shipping is done within the EU. https://proxysto.re/en/bestellservice.html (The ordering system is also available as a tor hidden service.)

Digital Goods

It is important to us to further expand our range of digital goods. Anonymity and privacy are important and Monero is a suitable means of payment, which unfortunately is not yet accepted in many areas.

We started selling digital goods at the end of March 2021 and announced it here for the first time. In the meantime, we have become an official reseller of Mullvad VPN and have expanded our products/portfolio to include vouchers for Tutanota.

We also had started a survey and asked which digital goods you would like to pay with monero.

We can inform you about the current status of some of the requests:

On June 8 we have added Voucher Codes Cryptomator for Android License Key and Cryptomator Supporter Certificate from Cryptomator into our digital goods system. We are now also an official partner of Cryptomator.

How can you redeem these codes? Go to the Cryptomator for Android website or the Cryptomator donation site, enter an email address and accept the terms and conditions. You will be redirected "To payment". After entering a location, consisting of country and postal code, there is the option "Add voucher" to redeem a voucher code purchased from us.

Around June 16 we will have coupon codes available for the following koofr.eu products:

  • Koofr Cloud Storage: M 12 months (25 GB) 12,00 €
  • Koofr Cloud Storage: L 12 months (100 GB) 24,00 €
  • Koofr Cloud Storage: XL 12 months (250 GB) 48,00 €
  • Koofr Cloud Storage: XXL 12 months (1 TB) 120,00 €

How cryptomator and koofr can be used in combination on your Computer can be read here.

Regarding other requests:

  • We have not yet received an answer regarding video games, and we are still unsure about Steam vouchers.
  • ProtonMail & ProtonVPN do unfortunately not resell vouchers.
  • We have not received any response from Posteo. Probably nothing has changed since the decision more than six years ago.

We have yet to review other proposals there, and discussions are currently underway with two other vendors. For further suggestions you can also contact us directly or write here.

Conclusion and Perspective

  • We process our payments with the BTCPay server, there we can see if an invoice was generated via our Tor Hidden Service or via clear web. We are pleased that our Tor Hidden Services are used more often than initially expected.
  • Almost all transactions (in our digital goods system) are paid with Monero and very few with Bitcoin.
  • Since our launch, our monero-node has been out of sync three times, which resulted in people not being shown their ordered products despite sufficient confirmations. This has unfortunately caused some people to contact us. In the meantime we have implemented a sync status widget. Now you can see the sync status of our Monero and Bitcoin nodes. While the Bitcoin status can taken from the BTCPay server directly, we had to create xmrhealthd to obtain the Monero sync status.

On 30.05.2021 there was a post here with the title "The German government wants to monitor trading with crypto currencies (german article)". We wrote it then and write it again here: If the legal situation changed in such a way that purchases would endanger the privacy of the customers, then we would this part of our work or outsource it to another legal area.

Physical Goods

The data-saving purchase of physical products from the Internet is sometimes somewhat difficult or even impossible. Monero and cash are not accepted by many online merchants. Surveillance, breaches and leaks, data trading and advertising put personal information at risk.

Our text "Risks and problems when shopping on the Internet" addresses this in a bit more detail. The idea of the ProxyStore serves as an attempt to counter the advancing surveillance, even if it is unfortunately associated with additional costs. More about the ordering process can be found here.


Our work (e.g. the ProxyStore) are part of a concept we wrote with the goal to create something we called "privacy support space". Our idea is that something like this can be integrated into existing projects like social centers, hacker and makerspaces or opened as a new project.

We thank you for the many answers, for your interest in our offers, and of course for using our services.

Greetings and all the best!

The ProxyStore crew

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