Exciting news: My country, Pakistan, is legalizing Bitcoin this year. I hope this happens soon.

It's not a big country. But according to worldometers, it's the 5th largest country based on the population.

Pakistanis have been holding and trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for many years now. But due to some limitations, we couldn't buy through our cards and until now, the banks have claimed that they will cancel all the transactions related to crypto.

But how we buy crypto? We use P2P marketplaces like LocalBitcoin, Paxful, Binance, etc. We do a direct bank transfer to others and use other local methods.

It's not illegal per se, but not legal either. Since it's a Muslim country, a lot of people have a haram and halal debate about cryptocurrencies. But people are getting more awareness now. I believe that if it becomes legal this year, this will be huge. A lot of people will have access to Bitcoin and there will be a lot more buying and selling. Which might be helpful for bitcoin.

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