Update on Triptych Multisig proposal

Here is a brief update on work related to Triptych multisignature support.

Having conducted literature review, Sarang is in the process of documenting a proposed protocol that supports the necessary elements of multisignature operations: generating keys, producing linking tags, and cooperatively constructing authorizing proofs.

At the same time, one goal is to minimize the necessary communication rounds when producing proofs. Because Triptych uses a more complex construction for its linking tags and proofs, this is a nontrivial problem to solve.

Once the protocol draft is completed, it can be made available for analysis.

Still on the docket is a more comprehensive understanding of how to handle more general threshold signing, how to transition to Triptych smoothly, and how to handle existing common key construction methods.

Research continues, slowly but surely!

You can check out the CCS Proposal here: https://ccs.getmonero.org/proposals/cypherstack-sarang-triptych-research.html

In addition, as noted inside the proposal, the price of Monero was $350. We are now (at time of writing) at $250. We are considering opening a second proposal towards the end of the work to be done to make up the difference, as the fall is quite detrimental to our ability to do future research. Feel free to leave your comments on this below.

We'll have another update for you in a month.

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