What Monero actually needs: A non bullshit- list created to bring pragmatic awareness

In before the circle jerk of r/monero aka buddies of diego downvote this to censor it.

Anyways here we go, your harsh reality check:

– 1 Actually competent people who understand how to handle assets, money, and how to appeal to companies and the right type of people to promote monero.

– 2 An independent from bitcoin commercial approach that empathizes on the individual liberty of monero instead of attempting to compare it with other cryptocurrencies.

– 3 Minimalistic approach to teams with different tasks, from development, backend, frontend, sites, internet traffic, to entrepreneur work and ads.

– 4 End of the circle jerk between localmonero/ mymonero/ core/ team whatever the fuck they built. And an organized inclination towards social engineering. That appeals to all the types of communities, not just dread/darknet/ or privacy maximalists.

– 5 A unique characteristic that can easily turn into a meme, because memes spread fast. Something to attract curiosity in a way that can appeal to the most normal/ ignorant about crypto person.

Examples for each one of those steps:

1: A financial expert that can prove to companies/ corporations/ that suffer both financially but also operationally from data breaching / and other logistic deficiencies, why monero could be the actual breakthrough for their issues

2: "Monero is the definition of crypto, for there's nothing more cryptic than monero its self"

3: One team for backend improvement – swapping/ noding One team for frontend – ux -ui design, another team for react-based apps (Like phone wallets) another team for linux/ios improvement, etc etc, all of them having the means to contact each other and solve each other issues.

4: No more "the core team said this let's all worship it together" but more of "the monero community has discovered a way to fix this problem

5: Take as example dogecoin, it's like akita inu, or ethereum – the genius invetion of vitalik, or BCH the antagonizer – better version of BTC, monero could be

"The nightmare of the governments"

If the monero community started these steps, and mind you this is just a brief description. I can guarantee it would grow to the point that nobody can reject it based on trivial law regulations that make no sense. Just because of it's sheer size.

My two cents.

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