a very strange text file

Hello, I'm assuming this sub is the best place for this, if not please let me know.

Like many of thousands of people, I had some BTC from a wallet back in 2013 that I have long forgotten the password to.

I used blockchain.info as a custodial wallet and used to get a wallet.aes.json backup file whenever the password was changed. Cracking one of these is going to be my final resort.

I decided to go through an old hard drive to find any sign of a mnemonic, or a private key.

I found a key of some sort in a text file that I clearly pasted, but it doesn't seem to be a private key, which is what I was hoping for…
It contains upper and lowercase characters, numbers and a slash. It's last character is an asterisk *. It is 88 characters long, if you delete everything after the slash (and the slash itself) its 81 characters, but I'm not sure that's important. I tried base64 decryption and got some more alphanumeric characters separated by dots, still nothing legible. Any ideas what to do next?

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