Increasing the number of open nodes available

I recently wanted to see how many open Monero nodes are available on the network, and I was a bit surprised to find out that there are less than 10k nodes worldwide ( some online sources I checked quote less than 3k active open nodes).

I am not an expert, but it seems a bit strange that solo mining and securing the network is actively incentivized through mining rewards, and yet running open nodes isn't. Is there a reason why running nodes is not incentivized in terms of emissions? When I think about it, if Monero really is a long term project, then it is already clear that in 10-20 years, downloading and syncing a node might take weeks if not months, having large numbers of distributed copies of the blockchain should be prioritized and incentivized today, so that in the future the network is robust and distributed enough.

Having wide distributions of nodes in the future seems like more of a problem than the actual cryptographic side of things, in 10 -20 years the number of honest actors willing to run a node will probably stagnate without some kind of incentive like mining gets.

Am I in the wrong here somehow? It just occurred to me that in 7 years we have ~100GB chain. that took me quite a while to sync and download, and the number of open nodes is kind of limited.

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