How did you get ‘Orange Pilled’?

None of us were born believing in or supporting Bitcoin, so who or what got you into it?

I was essentially FOMOed into it by Twitter, but what made me a true believer after investing was a mix of different creators: Dan Held, Anthony Pompliano, Michael Saylor, Andreas Antonopolous, some posts on this subreddit, and a now-retired(?) member named /u/daymonhandz, who helped me a lot via PM explaining things.

I talked about Bitcoin a fair bit to my friend, but he never really got 'orange pilled' and always had some weak counterargument until he heard Anthony Pompliano in some podcast that he listens to, and pretty much right away he was orange pilled and started DCAing.

How about you? Have you ever orange-pilled anyone else?

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