Thrilled to be Able to Spend Securely

I'll keep this short and sweet:
I've been shopping online a lot this week, and have had no less than two suprise opportunities to make my purchases at stores which (as I hadn't even realized until checkout!) accept Monero.

Once for digital assets, and once for physical goods.

Once through a crypto payment procoesser, and once with "native" crypto-checkout support.

Both times; with a sense of pleasant surprise, and confidence in the security and confidentiality of my transactions.

Things are getting better. Day by day, week by week, and year by year, I look forward to seeing the flexibility, growth, adoption, and innovation of the privacy-coin sphere continue to flourish.

P.S.: If I had to touch on a negative, it would be the way that the structure of outputs can limit multiple spends from a single wallet in quick succession. It's an issue that will only become more of an obstacle to adoption as we hypothetically move from an investment and "hodl" focused culture to an economy of real use, users, and use-cases, which will be more likely to favor many smaller and more frequent transactions than the investment-vehicle-model of today's cryptosphere. I also hope to see how POS play out in other coins, and whether or not it's attempted by future generations of privacy coins. Whatever the case, I hope Monero (and it's community) continues to be a leading force in these spaces.

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