Announcing my new XMR-themed store, Club Monero! is open for business! We offer unique Monero focused T-shirt designs, stickers, and more. I will be adding new designs regularly. Crypto accepted!

Monero gives me the hopeful feeling that Bitcoin first gave me years ago – freedom can't be stopped. Bitcoin will always hold a special place in my heart, but I have come to believe that fungibility is a requirement for any crypto to be a maximally useful tool for freedom.

For that reason, my passion for the Monero project has grown. Recently I designed Monero shirts for myself to wear to Porcfest (a liberty/crypto event). A couple of friends asked to buy shirts, and I thought about how great it would be if the XMR community might like my designs. So I got to work on a few more ideas, found a quality shirt and print solution, and put together an online shop. I hope you check it out and find something you like, and I would love feedback!

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