Lost all my life savings in crypto futures trading, i totally understand what kind of a retarded stupid move that was, and im totally to blame, im not able to get this depressive thoughts out of my head and unable to concentrate in most of my work

I've lost a total of 15,000 inr in crypto futures trading, i was trading pretty well and with patience and and good entry and exit times i managed to make a good amount of money trading, that's when greed got a hold of me and i decided to invest in futures, first couple of weeks made heckin amazing profits, maneged to double my money to 30k inr and to 40k inr in a month of day trading and i got really overconfident that i could beat the market, and make good money out of it,

everything was going good until the massive crypto crash in june when bitcoin managed to go to 28,000$, initially i went long at 31,000$ at 50x margin, cuz the weekend was over, and it would normally like every week pump back up, i had invested about 40% of my total money, into it and forgot to put a stoploss, a hours later i come back to my computer to see btc touches 29k, and i had a risk of about 89%, and binance decided to eat up the res 60% of my money to prevent liquidating my amount, now since 29k was the ATL, just so i thought, the son of a bitch managed to go to frikin 28k and bam!, lost all my invested 15,000 invested inr in the crypto market

i now totally feel like a 19 year old dumbass and a total loser, and i understand that i fucked up real time, is there any way i can leave this behind, and get away from my stocks, crypto, forex and everything that requires investing so i can atleast keep the cash i have left, also feeling a bit suicidal and having a existential crisis, a few kind words can really be appreciated,

p.s. excuse my english as it isn't my native language

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