Idea: An internet-connected hardware wallet as the sweet spot between mobile wallets and Trezor/Ledger

Mobile wallet pros/cons:

  • PRO: Just scan your buddy's QR code to pay him back for beers.
  • CON: Platform (phone) itself is a security nightmare. Too complex to audit.

Hardware wallet pros/cons:

  • PRO: Simple, dedicated hardware/software with low security surface area. Comparatively easy to audit.
  • CON: Can't just scan your buddy's QR code anymore, there are a few new steps involved.

So I say we take the best of both worlds: A dedicated hardware wallet with wifi and a QR code scanner. You get the convenience of a mobile wallet, with the "auditability" of a traditional hardware wallet.

The risk of wifi connectivity is heavily mitigated by defining a simple and restrictive API between wifi firmware and wallet operations. It's a match made in heaven if you ask me, you can do the whole thing on a microprocessor like the ESP8266, ESP32-C3/6. Pop e-paper on that puppy and you'll get a month of battery life.

What are your thoughts? Figured I'd post this here and get some creative juices flowing. I'll try it myself next year after my current project if nobody beats me to it.

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