Please help. My girlfriend deleted a 300 gig BTC folder from my MacBook Pro. I am so heartbroken and I need help. I’m a college student and I had that folder just sitting there since I downloaded btc core in like 2015- somehow accumulating data. I am so lost and confused.

I gave it to her to clean it up but she went to the apple store and confirmed that they told her there was a 300GB file on it called bitcoin and she told them to delete it. I don't have the seed from the wallet because this was my first wallet ever and I didn't understand their importance at that time. Times are so tough I'm trying to recover anything. I'm losing my mind because I don't know where to even start. If Apple deleted the folder is it retrievable ? What do I do? Please – any help would mean the world. I downloaded disk drill for Mac and it's doing its thing but I don't even know what to look for or where to look for it. You guys are all I have- I don't know where else to turn.

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