New Monero Cypherpunk animated and static stickers

Hey everyone, Cypher Stack has produced stickers more stickers. After our initial run with Isabella the Monero Girl, we decided we wanted to do another sticker set, but with animation. More and more platforms are supporting animated stickers. Telegram, Discord, Signal, etc. And this is on top of the increasing amount of platforms that support static stickers.

So we worked to create a fun, cypherpunk-esque, Monero-color themed set of stickers. Many characters are inspired by real people and/or icons in the community. Currently there are 26 static stickers and 11 animated ones.

At present, they are live on Telegram, and can be found at the following links.

Animated Telegram Stickers

Static Telegram Stickers

Signal and Discord stickers coming soon. Let us know if there are other places we can put them as well.

If you want to see the stickers outside of Telegram currently, I've made these Imgur albums:



We're looking into production of more stickers in the same set. If you have ideas let us know.

Thanks all. Enjoy!

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