College essay (interview questions)

Hello my name is Kaden Parker and I’m a freshmen in college. I have an essay to write and I decided to write about this group on Reddit. I’ll be asking 6 questions that I hope to get a few responses from. RESPONSES CAN BE HOWEVER LONG OR SHORT YOU’D LIKE (obvi longer the better). I’d appreciate it if you took time out of your day to respond. I will be keeping data of your responses to include in my paper

1) what is your favorite part about being in this group?

2) what made you want to join this group?

3) how would you describe being a member of this group to someone who knows nothing about Bitcoin?

4) At what price did/do you buy sell or trade Bitcoin?

5) have you made any purchases with Bitcoin and if so what?

6) How would you feel if Bitcoin was the main currency of the world?

Hope to hear some responses soon, thanks.

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