The Bitcoin Rich will buy out almost every major company & politician against Bitcoin & force them to integrate Bitcoin, just as the last internet rich people bought out & forced most every smart phone, computer, & website to integrate Facebook & Google into them

The big realization with Bitcoin is that it is where most of the money has gone in the last 12 years, and is only continuing to flow into at larger and larger scales, making the richest class of people in the world all supporting one thing: Bitcoin

Those rich assholes are going to buy out every company against bitcoin, every politician against it, & make all things in the world integrate bitcoin, just like like the last rich assholes before them made the world integrate Facebook & Google into every smart phone. There’s no stopping it at this point.

Someone builds a quantum computer to try & hack Bitcoin? Those rich assholes will already have a thousand quantum computers protecting the bitcoin network by then; just like Jeff Bezos, or any other billionaire does today, those rich assholes will buy out their enemies.

Ever wonder why Visa card, PayPal, JP morgan chase, Goldman Sachs, etc, are now all pro bitcoin after being so negative about it only a few years ago? It’s because the rich assholes in Bitcoin already bought out a majority share of Their companies stocks & forced them to integrate it.

They’re buying up all the shares of the money companies first, anyone paying attention can see it.

Everything else will be easy to buy majority share control over after owning the financial transmission companies.

One day, those rich assholes will likely own a majority share of Google, Amazon, every major bank, and every major company in the world. And idk if you guys know how the federal reserve works, but it’s shares are owned by every major bank in the world, so once Bitcoin rich assholes own a majority share of every major bank as they’re buying up now, then they will eventually literally own the federal reserve.

But the moral of the story is that it’s too late to stop this train. You can either join the rich assholes & hop onto the internet 2.0 of financial energy storage & transmission, or you can be left behind, just like all the Ma and Pa shops that were left behind and destroyed by the rich assholes of the last internet 1.0 of data information storage and transmission. Ma and Pa shops who they choked out by using the internet to take their customers, and then bought out for pennies on the dollar after their websites choked them out financially and left them in debt and ruin, just like crypto exchanges have been choking out the banks and investment firms for the last 12 years by attracting their customers to Bitcoin exchanges just as the first internet did with Ma and Pa shop’s customers.

History is repeating itself, and I can’t imagine that anything else in our life will ever be as big an opportunity as something like this, & so early into its adoption too

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