Ledger emergency recovery tool: Monerujo!

I love discovering new features when playing around with wallets:

The Monerujo Android wallet app has a hidden feature for converting a Ledger 24-word recovery phrase into the standard Monero 25-word equivalent!

NOTE: This is for emergency sweep or testing use only! Don't type your hardware wallet recovery phrase into any computer or mobile phone unless you plan never to store any crypto in that wallet seed ever again.

From the main Monerujo screen, tap +, then Restore wallet 25 word seed, then the three dot menu: Convert Ledger Seed

As far as I am aware, this is the first user-friendly (i.e., not Python CLI) means to recover Monero from a BIP39 recovery phrase without a hardware device, though it only works with Ledger's derivation scheme.

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