Created a Hardened image of Elementary OS for Crypto Users.

I initially created this to have a dedicated & secure OS specifically for my crypto. That then grew into helping friends/family do the same as well and with the recent posts of people getting infected with crypto jacking trojans, I figured now would be a great time to release. To be clear, I take no credit for OS as this is powered by elementary OS. Link: I love elementary OS for its simplicity, privacy & security. However, I took the liberty to customize/harden the image further such as: establishing a deny-all approach to only allow critical traffic, disabling ports, disabling ping replies, checking for network leaks, and scanning for baseline image vulnerabilities. Furthermore, simplicity is also an issue for some not familiar with Linux, so packages like eddy are installed by default to help install applications. Here's some of what's inside:

  1. Telegram –
  2. Feeds (RSS) for Crypto News –
  3. Brave Browser –
  4. FireFox & Chrome
  5. Vorta for BorgBackup – (Protect your data from disk failure, ransomware and theft.
  6. GUI firewall (GUFW)

I've created an OVA (VMware) for for quick deployment and testing. Lasting, I've recently learned that hosting is an absolute PIA(cost) with hosting a custom image. Image is currently being hosted at mediafire ( don't freak out if you see ads, its just my terabytes of bandwidth are officially depleted for the month. ) If anyone can help with pointing me in the right direction for cheaper hosting or willing to operate as a mirror, I'd greatly appreciate it. Feel free to AMA. Thanks!


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