Are you checking the Bitcoin price too much?

Are you checking the Bitcoin price too much? I think we can all relate to this. It's a meme to check all the time. But is it healthy? Probably not. How often is correct to check, and how to actually do this?

I'm not gonna share my full story but it's like many of yours. At first I checked all the time to track dips to deploy my funds. But once my money was invested the behavior persisted. I had no intention of how often to check, so it just kind of happened. Dozens of times a day. See green, be happy, see red, heart starts pounding and feel bad. All day every day. Very distracting!

I'll suggest the correct frequency to check the Bitcoin price is once per day. Never checking your money is irresponsible. Checking once a day is reasonable. And there's something magic about once a day. It gives you a small thing to look forward to and something to practice delaying gratification. Will you check first thing in the morning? Probably not, you'll want to push it back until later in the day.

If you are in Bitcoin, you're going to have to delay gratification. It can take years to make significant returns or even be in the green. So you can wait one day to check. It's good practice.


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