About to live in my car, what to do with Hardware Wallet & Keys?

Due to some misfortune I'm probably about to live in my car for a bit. I have some crypto assets that I don't want to sell on cold storage hardware wallets, plus the seed phrases written down. A lot of my other stuff is easy, I'm just going to sell almost everything and go minimalist, but what the heck do I do with my H/W wallets and written seeds? I don't really have someone I can leave them with or trust with it. I don't want to just leave them in a storage unit or a safety deposit box, but are those my only options? It's either trust an exchange, or trust a bank, but maybe I'm missing something? Unless I just keep them on me the whole time and hope I never misplace them or get robbed.

Just seeing if anybody had some better ideas. I know the obvious answer is to sell my crypto assets and get a proper place to live, but I don't want to do that yet at this time. Thanks!

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