When Bitcoin becomes the new Nr. 1 currency won’t the rich end up having almost all of them ?

Obligatory English isn't my first language, I am using Reddit mobile and I am new to Bitcoin.

As far as I understand there is an limited amount of Bitcoins, still a lot but it is limited. So my question is simple (I think). The rich (like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates) have no possible way of spending all their Money, except donating huge amounts. They are, maybe unwillingly (if that makes sense), hording a lot of Bitcoins and not spend them therefore making them not accessible to the public. Won't the point come when the lower classes don't have access to Bitcoin anymore or a very limited amount?

Let's say there are 100 Bitcoins. 50 Bitcoins are owned by states. 30 Bitcoins are owned by the richest 10%. And the remaining 20 are owned by everyone else. (Oversimplified but I hope that makes it clearer)

The Bitcoins owned by the state and the "normal" population is in circulation, getting payed in salaries, spend in stores, Taxes and so on. The richest 10% being, mostly, unable to spend their wealth will get more and more Bitcoins and therefore starve the state and the general public of their main currency.

Will there be a point when we run out of Bitcoin because some people have most of them?

It could be a stupid question but it is on my mind for the past two hours and I need an answer. Thank you in advance.

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