Bitcoin Maxi Needing Some Help

So as the title states, I am looking for the options of you all to help me in this situation.

I (27M) have been a Bitcoin maximalist for quite some time and I feel like I truly understand the value Bitcoin and and will continue to play in our world. I feel so strongly about Bitcoin, because I have put in so much time and effort through the years learning.

Recently, my sister (23F) came to me asking for some assistance with investing her money. She has been stacking cash and has created a great nest egg to get her started thanks to her efforts of working hard and saving.

To give a bit of background. Our father is a financial advisor and because I have always took an interest in it, we have always spoke about it and I have learned a lot through him. My sister was never really interested or seemed to care. All she wanted was the cash sitting in her shoebox. With everything going on my dad and I speak about BTC alot.. like to the point my sister gets annoyed about it.

We truly believe it is the best place to put your cash long term for the future with the best returns with the least risk.. opportunity cost.

I asked what she was thinking about investing in or how I could help. She responded with, well I'm not really sure where to start. I gave her some response to the idea that Bitcoin would be the simplest, quickest, and best way for her to allow for her money to appreciate. She of course is very turned aways by that idea because she has never cared to actually learn what Bitcoin is and it's value.

She stated that she has been watching lots of TikTok videos on how she could buy house/real estate to do Airbnb because it's so easy and she says she can live off the income. I am unaware of her true knowledge in this area and feel like she is just getting the very bare basic information on how easy it is, but she has not thought about all the time, energy and efforts she would have with going through the real life process. In addition she is still having to pay for her own rent, which counteracts what she would be having to spend for the mortgage, fees, insurance, taxes, etc. In hopes that she would make a % difference from her costs and what she would make renting through Airbnb. In addition, her money is not liquid at all and she is taking on more unnecessary debt for the chance to make some profits with the uncertainty of the property decreasing/increasing in value.

Overall, I am unsure how I should go forward with this conversation. I would like to help her, but how would I best go about that? Our father always told us, invest in what you know and what you enjoy learning about. She has no interest in learning about Bitcoin at all, even though I believe it will be bigger than what the internet is today. I want her to think about her future and how she wants to spend her time, energy, and efforts. But, in the end, we all don't know what we don't know.

Any thoughts, opinions, or advice on how to approach this situation?

If you have any questions, I left out anything or you need additional info, please ask.

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