Lightning just doesn’t work consistently

I have tried Blue Wallet, Breez and now Phoenix. Every single one of them gets transactions stuck and I simply can't send. Honestly I have tried and tried and wanted this to be a success. I have come to the conclusion that it simply won't. Anyone that actually tries it will see. It's god awful.

I don't expect anyone to believe me and I don't expect this post to stay up and I don't care any more. I wish I could say it's this awesome experience but it's terrible. Lightning should be renamed to Dud because that's just what it is.

Edit: I'm tired of staring at money in my wallet I can't spend or spend consistently. If you want some and it will work, just post 5 dollar lightning links and we'll try to drain these wallets if it works at all. I can't get it out so it's useless to me. Maybe some of you can enjoy it.

Edit2: I think we should all just start using a really fast sidechain that is more centralized but that just works every time for payments. This can be more like a checking account with the main chain being a savings account.

Edit3: I have to get going. Post those 20,000 sat invoices and I'll spread the love to you nerds until I drain these wallets–if they let me.

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