Fiverr & UpWork take $300 out of my $1500 Monthly Freelance Jobs. Paypal Will Take Another 4% And Then Government Will Take Another 30%. Freelancer Platform With Bitcoin Payments is Desperately Needed For The Growing Gig And Remote Task Economy

I am fed up. These freelance platforms are taking so much of my freelance income. I really like to find jobs on these platforms but some of them just take out so much money, especially when I am based in an area where the income is not very high (I know, you have to pay your taxes, but you don't have to pay 24% to middlemen like Upwork, Fiverr, PayPal).

Where can I earn Bitcoin for my online work without paying so many fees? I do a lot of art, web development, social media, and marketing. Anyone else fed up with these damn fees?

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