“Monero is only used by criminals” ..”Financial privacy is only for people who have something to hide”

Yes it is true that the 21st century black market is moving away FROM “underground networks->cash/gold->HSBC/Barclays” TO “WHM style marketplaces->xmr->atomic swaps” ..but this does not necessarily mean that it’s only for criminals.

What we should be stressing is: Xmr is actively being chosen by the free market as a replacement for cash/gold as a means of fungible exchange (of value). I don’t do crimez. But if the people whose life depends on using a ‘working product’ trust, endorse and use something (thus proving it to be a ‘working product’) ..there’s undeniable value in that.

Things that work and improve efficiency are valuable. Monero is an improved, digitised means of exchanging value with fungible units of exchange — physical cash/gold does the same, but monero does so with improved efficiency, safety and trustless-ness.

Financial/transactional privacy is not necessarily synonymous with committing crime. Actually it could be argued that financial and transactional privacy is essential and actually underpins the free market (assuming people actually value and want a free market). Say we move to a global btc financial surveillance system; well you can’t have free markets because whoever has the best ‘chain analytics’ will be able to track and model any given company’s exact revenue, btc holdings, outgoings and full financial position in real time ..and they can front run the company’s earnings reports and value/price the company’s stock accurately (or every company in the world’s stock price) in real time. And this chain analytics will be monopolised ..it just will. Financial privacy is a crucial component of free markets.

And that’s not all. I could give many many examples of implications outside of free markets a lack of financial/transactional privacy has ..not only personal financial implications, but civil rights, quality of life, standard of living and humanity as a whole. It’s time people started valuing privacy. Monero means more than just money.

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