Xmr vs Firo

So I have been reading book about Monero, videos, podcasts ,posts etc. I think we all know atleast a little bit how monero works and how it ensures our privacy.

Now I have heard about another privacy coin named firo, wich has been called Zcoin or zero coin. It has relaunched. I have been looking at the team and look pretty good. Does anybody know more about firo and how it works? I have heard someone saying xmr had a privacy factor of 2 and firo would have 2 to the 16. At what is islt being calculated and is it really that better like they say?

Firo.org also claims this

Also, security researchers have found ways to make educated guesses as to which transaction is the real one by tying it to the timing of transactions. In any mix of one real coin and a set of fake coins bundled up in a transaction, the real one is very likely to have been the most recent coin to have moved prior to that transaction. Before a recent change from Monero's developers, that timing analysis correctly identified the real coin more than 90 percent of the time, virtually nullifying Monero's privacy safeguards. After that change to how Monero chooses its mixins, that trick now can spot the real coin just 45 percent of the time—but still narrows down the real coin to about two possibilities, far fewer than most Monero users would like.

In general here is the site where it compares itself to other privacy coins


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