If Palantir is prepping for a Black Swan event, you should probably pay attention.

Earlier this week, Palantir bought 50 million dollars worth of gold bars to prepare for a coming "black swan event".

If this was any other company, it wouldn't mean very much to me, but Palantir is not an ordinary company. They are a big data intelligence firm that the United States uses in their military, the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc… While most of the exact uses in government are secret, it is known that their data was responsible for locating Osama Bin Laden that led to the 2011 raid.

They are essentially a worldwide intelligence network that has access to so much data that the rest of the world is not privy to. So when they are prepping for a "black swan event", it's because they see something coming that the rest of us don't see. Something in their data is suggesting something is coming, and I think people should be paying attention.

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