PROPOSAL: a subreddit similar to r/GirlsGone Bitcoin but with Monero

So this is happening again, rumors says OnlyFans will purge explicit contents from their site and a lot of girls are worried about it.

I believe one of major problems OF fight against is the big number of frauds scams apply on their plataform: someone buy a girl nudes and later contact the bank to say it was a fraudulent purchase, so the creator receive a charge back and lost the money. If you check r/OnlyFansAdvice you'll a lot of post about this.

I tried once talk about crypto on the sub to invite girls to try use it as a way to receive payment in a safe way. But a particular proeminent redditor there hates crypto (and sound like she hates me too).

This last rumor about OF purging nudity reached places outside OF bubble. I've already seen post about this on Bitcoin and Ethereum subs. And I found out there is a subreddit where girls can sell their photos for BTC (r/GirlsGoneBitcoin). May we could try make our own sub to encourage more girls (and who knows boys too) to use monero as a payment method.

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