2025-bitcoin is 400k-and people say….

You bought bitcoin at $50,000? LUCKY they shout. Before our pride gets to us and our ego makes our head so big it can't get through the door, this is a repeat of what happened before.

The people who bought Amazon in 2000.

How about the crazy woman who put $5,000 into netflix in the beginning?

How about that friend who has half his IRA in Tesla?

That guy who took his sales commissions and kept buying real estate in 2014,2015,2016,2017?

That family friend who bought gold in the early 70s (no joke my dad's friend did this-he sold and even borrowed to buy as much gold as possible in the early 70s).

Most of society doesn't want to invest. We could state that most cannot invest due to wages. FAIR point. However, I know tons of people who could invest-they have the disposable income. They don't want to. I repeat -they do NOT want to. They don't want to learn. They want to just roll with it. Maybe they put some money into what their advisor recommends. And why does he recommend it? His boss told him it's a good investment.

If you are buying bitcoin, unless you are trying to be a quick trader (hint: most traders lose money), you have done something different. Bitcoin is not close to on the radar for most people. You have accepted volatility in exchange for a long term vision. Best of luck!

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