Bitcoin is a hunting knife – stop trying to make it a Schweizer knife.

Bitcoin is rock solid money and is king in that game. Let’s keep it that way.

A lot of noise regarding defi contracts etc. but please stop wishing that for btc. Let all the other shitcoins run that show.

If you ever been camping or hunting, and you need a knife, you know it is best to have a really good quality hunting knife. See these shitcoins as a Schweitzer knife. A lot of different functions that is quite bad at all of them. The knife is shit to hold in your hand. Screwdriver doesn’t really fit any screws and the toothpick is too nasty to put in your mouth.

When we talk about something as critical as money, let’s make BTC the hardest money ever and forget about all the other stuff – that can come on 2nd or 3rd layer if the demand is there…

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