Lambo – it means more than just a car…

Chit chat with a person who always keep "Moon" and "Lambo" in tweets… other than "hodl". "Why you want a Lambo? It's just a car and there's nothing useful of it other than its looks?" He answered: "Lambo, is a term more than just a physical Lamborghini sports car. It has a unique back story. Between Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari. A story about the success of 'new money' over the old elites. It represent hope of a man, able to achieve to the higher grounds of socio-economic level. That's why we call it "Lambo" and not wanting to have a Ferrari or Bently or Roll's Royce. Lambo is a symbol of "I came from the bottom and now I'm great". The logo of a bull also means a bull market. An animal that symbolize hard work, true strength and peaceful power. A bovine species that brought so much contributions to human kind. Some call it a sacret animal. In many ways, "Lambo" is just a term represent whatever it means when a person use the term."

So… what "Lambo" means to you?

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