Sold all my crypto and paid off a 360k student loan

Hey guys! I have been a crypto enthusiast since mid 2017. I went to a school in the US and graduated with 360k in student loans for my doctorate.

I averaged in to BTC, ETH, and LTC during 2017 and started seeing some nice gains. Then I got heavy into altcoins, specifically raiblocks (now Nano). My small investment of about 10k went to 70k very quickly. This was an amazing feeling that only a crypto investor can understand. I was young and about 27. Greed combined with euphoria became a part of me. "This can't drop and if it does it can't drop much, this is the future!" I told myself repeatedly.

Sure enough I held through the bear market. God damn was that hard. I lost about 95% of my 70k portfolio in a matter of months. Red day after red day. A constant bloodbath.

I never stopped believing in crypto. Bought more in 2019 and kept adding slowly. Meanwhile I was also aggressively paying down my loan with 4.5k a month and living with my in-laws to save where I could.

The recent parabolic rise to 65k was amazing. I began to feel the ultimate sign of a potential top, euphoria. I knew this feeling well and experienced it on that New Years Eve of 2017. Things are going great and I have a potentially life changing amount of money.

I told myself not this time around. I refuse to hold through another bear market, this euphoria is a sign. So I sold it all; about 2 Bitcoin for 120k. With my hard work and aggressive stance on loan payback I paid off my entire loan of 360k in five years and crypto was a huge part of that.

This is a success story and hopefully it can reach someone that needs to hear this when your time comes. I am so sad to not have those bitcoins but when you can change your life make the difficult and mature decision, do it.


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