Experimenting with the COMIT atomic swap CLI tool, having some trouble.

So im following this guide on how to use the atomic swap. I got to the "Making the swap" part when i tried to use their command

./swap list-sellers --rendezvous-point /dnsaddr/rendezvous.coblox.tech/p2p/12D3KooWQUt9DkNZxEn2R5ymJzWj15MpG6mTW84kyd8vDaRZi46o 

and i get this message

 Failed to connect to rendezvous point at /dnsaddr/rendezvous.coblox.tech/p2p/12D3KooWQUt9DkNZxEn2R5ymJzWj15MpG6mTW84kyd8vDaRZi46o: Pending connection: Transport error: no record found for name: _dnsaddr.rendezvous.coblox.tech type: TXT class: IN +-------+--------------+--------------+--------+---------+ | PRICE | MIN_QUANTITY | MAX_QUANTITY | STATUS | ADDRESS | +========================================================+ +-------+--------------+--------------+--------+---------+ 

am i supposed to use a different rendezvous? Where can i find a new rendezvous point?

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