Questions about Monero

I’ve been researching a lot of cryptos lately, and I’ve come across Monero. I never bothered looking at it much before since it was highly priced and not even in the top 30.

I know this is a privacy coin, so my question is if this also supposed to be a storage of value? If it is, would this be a direct competitor of Bitcoin? I know BTC doesn’t have the best privacy features, but it is meant to be a storage of Value.

I like their tokenomics and they seem to have some extremely low inflation rates that will only seem to diminish as time goes by. I wouldn’t be surprised if they can rival Bitcoin or have some sort of unprecedented rise or even surpass BTC.

My other question is, why hasn’t this coin gained attention? What are some downsides to this coin? Doesn’t seem to be mainstream like BTC & ETH. Do people not talk about it and keep it ‘private’.

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