BlockFi increasing their rates! … no, not really. More lies.

Rate changes for September 1, 2021

BlockFi continually sets rates based on market dynamics for lending and borrowing. Our goal is to both practice sound risk management and maximize earning opportunities for our BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) clients.

In order to maintain great rates for the maximum number of clients, Tier 1 rates will be increasing for all cryptocurrencies while Tier 2 and Tier 3 rates will be decreasing. By our estimates, 75% of clients will see an increase in their APY, while 25% will experience a decrease.

What this means for you Based on your account holdings at the time of this email, your rates are increasing effective September 1, 2021. You can find more on the new rates by reading below.


4 months ago BTC apy was 6% for a full coin, then 5% for .5, then 4.5 for .25. All this while other players in the space have kept their ~6% rate while increasing the backing for it.

It's the same trend for the other coins, but I'd prefer to have the post stick around than deal with mods.

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