How trustless are the TEEs (trusted execution environments) used by the secret network for privacy?

I've recently been seeing some posts about the secret network, specifically about their bridge to Monero, here on the sub. I kind of dismissed the project when I first discovered it a while back but I was curious to see how it worked because I think DeFi is extremely important for crypto and that privacy is the missing piece.

Reading through secret's site a bit one quickly finds out that their private computation over encrypted data is made possible by TEEs (trusted execution environments). As far as I understand, TEEs are special parts of computer hardware that can securely run computation on encrypted data without an outsider, not even the rest of the computer is able to view the decrypted data being processed while it's in the TEE.

Now *finally* coming to my main question: how secure and trustless are TEEs really? Could a hardware manufacturer like Intel secretly attack TEEs or expose keys that would allow it to decrypt data? What's the pitfall to using TEEs?

I wanted to ask this question here and not over in their sub because I know that the Monero community is full with people who are well versed with tech, cryptography and privacy. The main reason is also I believe that the responses here will be more neutral.

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