Bitcoin needs an alternative “valuation” from USD if it wants to break free of the old system to become the currency its creator meant it to be.

Currently while most here are confident in the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the fact that Bitcoin's value is still pegged to USD makes it hard for the general public to come to accept bitcoin for more than a speculative investment opportunity.

Proponents will argue that 1 BTC = 1 BTC and its "valuation" doesn't matter. But truth of the matter is, if someone had come in and "save" their say 50k savings in Bitcoin rather than the banks, say in March 2021 when the rate was at around 50k, then suddenly in May 2021 their "savings" suddenly dropped in value to 40k that would be devastating. What if they had a family to feed, or medical bills, or loans.

The average person sincerely wants to decouple from the traditional banking system that has not served them well, but until the value of bitcoin stabilizes and is no longer a speculative investment option where those with large pools of fiat currency can move the ticker, it is unlikely that the average person will feel safe enough to leave the old system for the new one.

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