Question on Monero’s scalability when it comes to be a currency for the masses.

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is doing good today. Recently I was watching a video on Bitcoin's adoption in El Salvador, personally I hate it as it is centralized and citizens are being watched. Private businesses will soon be forced to accept Bitcoin (LN) which is completely centralized by a couple of wallets and can be viewed by the government. The president is activity promoting Strike's KYC based and custodial wallet. The citizens of El Salvador will not have controls over there own funds and on top of that will be watched by there government.

Bitcoin LN allows large hubs and governments to watch there people while using the bitcoin name brand. Monero will allow for a decentralized currency for the masses. But can it handle the masses?

Lets do some math

El Salvador population – 6,454,000 ( 4807000 are adults)

If an adult does around a tx a day then that's around 4.8 mil txs a day, if a tx is around 1.5 kb that's around 7.2 gb everyday. In a month that's 216 gb.

Are we capable of becoming a cash for the masses?

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