Bitcoin Saved Me

After writing: Sorry for the ramblings,

Earlier this year, after years of hesitation, I purchased my first batch of satoshis and slowly began my DCAing.

Before this, I had very little hope on the outlook of my financial situation, of owning a place to live, and on life in general. I had lost a good friend to suicide after the onset of the pandemic. It was the first time someone I loved had passed on.

In mourning I turned to the bottle, became a terrible drunk, gained more weight than I'm comfortable revealing, and was terrible with my money. In short, I was the least healthy in all aspects of my life as I'd ever been before.

Something in me reminded me about Bitcoin around the time the wall street craziness started. My good friend had told me in the past "whatever you do, just buy bitcoin" before I cut him off after his relapsing. He knew I was pissed at him, but left me with what I know now was a nugget of wisdom in his state of chaos.

I remembered. I always had, but was too cautious and never REALLY looked into it. Something about this year changed though.

In my terrible state of mental and physical health, I eventually became so passionate about what Bitcoin could mean, what it could do, that I basically didn't have any choice but to buy.

Today I have hope. I have better habits (in progress) and am working towards being my healthiest self again.

Most of all, today I have Satoshis.

Thank you Bitcoin.

Thank You.

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