Having trouble syncing a full node. Thought I’d share as an fyi

I wanted to move my XMR from Exodus to my HWW. I thought I'd give syncing a full node a go using the monero-GUI. Syncing seemed fast at first but on day 2 it seemed to take like 100x times longer. I was about 65% of the way through when I realised it would take at least a week at the current rate on my machine (old 2013 laptop with a 3rd gen i3, 6GB RAM & 500GB HDD).

I switched to downloading the `blockchain.raw` file and using monero-blockchain-import` but this seems to get stuck at block 1649150 / 2413852. No idea why. This leads me to where I am now where I'm switching to using the wallet in simple mode (which I presume is just an SPV client).

Feel free to leave tips or suggestions but at this stage I probably wont bother anymore. XMR is less that 1% of my overall crypto portfolio

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