Still regrets over bitcoin…!!

This is my first post on reddit. wanted to share my brother's story:

My brother used to work odd jobs in Edmonton while he was doing his masters from university of Alberta. it was back in 2010 or something. one day, owner came in excited and told them about bitcoin. everyone laughed on his face.

After few months, owner asked them if he could pay them in BTC and everyone thought that he's scamming them. everyone refused except few (later most of them sold when they got 50% profit and bragged about it lol)

My brother was getting 5 BTC which he refused. Later came back Pakistan. He regrets to this day. back here he could have bought a house with today's value.

Last month he tried to contact the owner, Owner told him that at that time, he distributed 73 bitcoins and now he have only 5 of them left. Owner was ruing the days he was giving them cheap lol.

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