Recover old bitcoin?

this may be impossible, but from time to time I remember this and it makes me so mad thinking I have bitcoin out there somewhere, so maybe someone can help.

in 2011 or 12, I wanted to buy weed from the Silk Road, so I created an account on the Silk Road through the Tor browser. I remember I took money from my dad's PayPal, I think it was like 40 dollars, and I used it to buy bitcoin and create some external wallet or something. I remember the wallet was a separate thing on my computer that I had to log into with a private key…. I think that's where it was stored? Idk if this is even enough info for my question to be answered, but that's all I remember.

I got scared and never went through with buying anything on the website, but would the bitcoin still be there? I actually still have that computer but the keyboard is broken. I would fix the keyboard though if there was any possibility that there is bitcoin on that thing.

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