Bitcoin is not just a get-rich scheme, it is a revolution that will bring about a major change to the world and how it functions…

Bitcoin mostly seems like an investment opportunity something people buy to make more money. But, for true believers, bitcoin is much more than that. It is a way for people to take back control, give power to the unbanked and take power away from the banks and their greed.

Thankfully bitcoin is on track to do just that and it is not just revolutionizing the banking industry, almost every industry would be affected by blockchain in the future.

Governments have already announced plans to implement blockchain technology, although their support for bitcoin still remains uncertain.

As for Energy, IoT, Data security, they all will see huge transformations because of blockchain.

Blockchain currently is one of the most robust and advanced data security technology available to the public – Blockonomics

Ideally, bitcoin and blockchain would disrupt all major industries and we would be seeing this technology operate in almost every avenue.

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