What I see a lot of people not understanding, especially new people.

Bitcoin is a deflationary currency. By definition it's value goes up over time as long as it is being used and utilized. That means it will never stop going up, even In 100 years. Halvenings in Bitcoin are such huge supply shocks. It is more than likely the exponential price spikes will never stop. Especially since deflationary currencies incentivize capital and savings and a large number of people hold, leaving less and less on the open market. This is good, low liquidity means the price goes up and the new investors at the bottom will slowly start making their way up the ranks.

Deflationary currencies completely empower the individual. It lifts society up because money can now be saved and invested properly into the community and the individual can participate fairly in the economy. This is in contrast to the current fiat system we have now where everything is based on debt instead of savings. You are forced to use debt based money, forced to get a student loan, forced to get a home and auto loan. The entire dumb system incentivizes debt and to be in debt! Oh!!! And also they can inherently control every aspect of the system since you know, inflation of money isn't a natural thing that occurs in nature. They are manipulators and manipulate the system in their favor and against yours.

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