I’m going to be speaking to the New Zealand government about Monero. Questions for the Monero community.

I'm going to be speaking to a New Zealand parliamentary committee, sort of like a congressional hearing on cryptocurrency (like Vlad) soon to talk about how cryptocurrencies are used, the risks of them to the users and environment and provide my opinion on regulation. I give them a speech and then they drill me.

I'm also going to talk a-lot about Monero, the most used currency. What does think that the parliamentary inquiry should know about Monero in regard to regulation and danger to the users, financial system and environment?

Is Monero dangerous to its users, providing financial risk of losses?

Is Monero harmful to the existing banking system?

What is the environmental impact of it's mining?

How should taxes work on crypto transactions?

Are cryptocurrencies just used by criminals?

Is Monero a public good? How?

What regulations would be beneficial with regard to Monero? How can they be enforced?

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