BTC helped me see the Matrix

Just sayin'.

For the longest time I refused to look into this thing because what could be so great about it? Then I got interested because a friend started investing. But I know now they don't really understand what they are investing in. And that is fine I guess.

Anyway, I then spent a few days watching Andreas Antonopoulos speeches on YT and was captivated by his presentations. Such passion, so many great speeches. Beautiful human being. I also looked at a few kinda technical explanations here and there and slowly started getting the gist of it. A bit.

As I got more and more excited, I realised there was no other way but to look up the original white paper.

I have seen the light now.

This tech is like, in the wind, man. You can't see it but it's there. It's blowing over all the continents, through all the countries, all the homes, all offices, all government buildings.

The world is gonna dissolve itself in this tech. It will consume everything.

I'm not even high. I wish I had some reefer though.

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