Does Privacy require its own blockchain or is it just a feature

I hold both ETH and XMR. I hold ETH for a lot of reasons, both for use and investment. I hold XMR for privacy and any price appreciation is a nice extra, but it is not my primary reason for owning it.

In the Eth community, there is a common criticism of standalone privacy coins on their own blockchain, saying that privacy is a feature and does not require its own blockchain. For example, there is a L2 roll-up protocol project called Aztec Protocol and it can be accessed via Basically, you bridge over an asset such as DAI to Aztec and then from there all transactions are private if sent to others on the Aztec L2. You can also send back to the L1 to any Eth address. Since it is an L2, it inherits the security of the Eth main chain, arguably the second most secure blockchain.

What would be your counter to the advantage of a standalone privacy blockchain such as Monero versus an L2 roll-up solution such as Aztec?

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