Is there a place to discuss privacy centric crypto projects beyond just monero?

I know this isn't strictly a monero orientated post so sorry about that but I really like the community here and I was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction.

I feel like it'd be interesting to have somewhere to discuss the wide array of privacy centric crypto projects out there these days without specific focus on any one project in particular. Expose the shitcoins, explore the new ideas, etc. There's plenty of places to dicuss crypto in general but I find those crowds don't really have our same ideals in most cases and are usually have not researched enough to hold a quality discussion on new tech like this. To give example topics I'm thinking of things like these privacy orientated L2 projects, L1 private defi projects, other emerging anon L1 projects beyond XMR, decentralized VPNs, etc.

Is there any active subs that really fit this bill?

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