PSA for Monero in Australia

I've seen a lot of incorrect information on the restrictions on Monero in Australia. As a resident, let me give it to you straight:

  1. You can legally buy, sell and transact with Monero in Australia and must pay CGT upon disposal, just like with company shares.
  2. You can buy, sell, deposit, withdraw Monero on Binance Australia, provided that you don't link a bank account for direct transfer of AUD.
  3. You can buy with a card on Binance or buy LTC on another exchange (any method) and send that to Binance to exchange for XMR.
  4. To sell, you can deposit to Binance and exchange for LTC, then transfer that to eg. Coinspot to convert to AUD for withdrawal.
  5. If you have a spouse (that you trust) one of you can have the bank account linked profile and the other the non-linked profile, to make it even smoother.

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